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Digital engineer, Traditional engineer

Engels | 26-01-2022 | 88 pagina's

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Tekst achterflap

It’s never too late to start heading in the right direction. This your chance to go from outsider to insider and change your direction. The choice of working for your engineering products or how to make engineering products working for you. Digital Twin Consultant Ernst van Baar takes you on an amazing journey but along the way there is a fork in the road. Which direction are you going, the traditional engineering or digital engineering?


    ISBN :9789464486216
    Uitgever :Brave New Books
    Publicatiedatum :  26-01-2022
    Uitvoering :Hardback
    Taal :Engels
    Hoogte :161 mm
    Breedte :241 mm
    Dikte :16 mm
    Gewicht :278 gr
    Status :POD (Beschikbaar als print-on-demand)
    Aantal pagina's :88