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Eindhoven Architecture City

Engels | 25-10-2019 | 128 pagina's

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Eindhoven, the city of light and design, has experienced a stormy development and is now the centre of a ‘brainport’ focused on innovation, design and tech that ranks among the finest in the world. The city also has a lot to offer in terms of architecture: from the Evoluon to MVRDV's pop podium De Effenaar and from Kropholler’s Van Abbe Museum to the current large-scale redevelopment of the Philips factories. This handy-sized and up-to-date Eindhoven architecture guide zooms in on the city’s highlights: its newest high-profile buildings, illustrious icons and hidden gems. It also addresses urban development itself, the greenest spaces in the city and countless facts and anecdotes about Eindhoven and its many monuments.


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    ISBN :9789462084209
    Uitgever :nai010 uitgevers/publishers
    Publicatiedatum :  25-10-2019
    Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
    Taal :Engels
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    Aantal pagina's :128