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Who's Watching Brussels?

Engels | 14-05-2024 | 120 pagina's



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Hundreds of thousands of euros from alleged bribes stashed in a suitcase. Deleted text messages setting out deals worth billions of euros. There's no shortage of drama in the EU's unofficial capital. How is this possible? And how do we keep 'Brussels' under control? These are crucial questions for the fledgling democracy that is the European Union – especially now that leaders with little interest in democratic values are coming to power in a growing number of member states. And the gap between the average European citizens and Brussels’ bureaucracy is enormous. Who are the watchdogs controlling the EU? And how can they counterbalance the hermetic power of Brussels? In this book, investigative platform Follow the Money reveals how the watchdogs watched helplessly from their cage at crucial moments. Who’s watching Brussels? is an impassioned plea for European supervision with sharp teeth. Bio Lise Lise Witteman (1987) leads the EU desk of the investigative outlet Follow the Money. In 2021 she published her first book about the Dutch industrial lobby in Brussels. She's co-founder of the Brussels-based comedy show The Schuman Show.


EAN :9789083398624
Uitgever :Follow the Money Publishing B.V.
Vertaler : Mike Pearse
Publicatie datum :  14-05-2024
Uitvoering :Hardback
Taal/Talen : Engels
Hoogte :207 mm
Breedte :133 mm
Dikte :18 mm
Gewicht :326 gr
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Aantal pagina's :120