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Design Journeys through Complex Systems

Engels | 19-05-2022 | 240 pagina's

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Design Journeys through Complex Systems is more than just a structured sequence of methods, providing a new grammar for constructive narrative of systemic design.

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Design Journeys through Complex Systems combines systemic design, leading thinking practices, and years of the combined authors’ experiences into a practitioner’s handbook for design thinking. By drawing upon the authors’ Systemic Design Toolkit, this book provides detailed knowledge of systems science, expanding upon essential systemic design texts in order to demonstrate the power of visual sensemaking. No matter if you’re a design professional or have never come across design systems, these pages allow the user to reassess, reorientate, and address complex issues. By using these methods, you’ll be able to visualize socio-technical systems, democratizing engagement as you simplify complex thought processes. Formed by leaders of and pioneers in systemic design, Dr. Peter Jones and Kristel Van Ael, Design Journeys through Complex Systems is an illuminating text that ushers in a new era of systems change. If you’re a change-maker looking to become a thought leader, the methods embedded in systemic design will light your way to success.


"Design Journeys for Complex Systems is a designer’s handbook to learn systemic design tools to engage stakeholder groups in collaborative design to address complex societal systems. Systemic design uses systems thinking and service design to address large-scale societal contexts and complex socio-technical systems. These are contexts characterized by social and technological complexity, high uncertainty, and often problematic outcomes. Using a tour guide metaphor, the book trains people’s mindsets and provides tools for dealing with hyper complexity, to enable understanding of systemic problems, and to build capacity to collaborate in teams to produce action proposals."


Dr. Peter Jones is a professor teaching systemic design at Canada’s art and design school, Toronto’s OCAD University, in the Strategic Foresight & Innovation and Design for Health graduate programs. Kristel Van Ael is managing partner at Namahn, a human-centered design agency in Brussels, and teacher in product-service-system design and systemic design at Antwerp University.


    ISBN :9789063696344
    Uitgever :BIS Publishers BV
    Publicatiedatum :  19-05-2022
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    Taal :Engels
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