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Design Thinking and Social Construction

A Practical Guide to Innovation in Research

Engels | 28-10-2022 | 208 pagina's

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Introduces the Constructionist Research Design Process as a framework for research that is creative, transformative and innovative.

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Design Journeys through Complex Systems combines systemic design, leading thinking practices, and years of the combined authors’ experiences into a practitioner’s handbook for design thinking. By drawing upon the authors’ Systemic Design Toolkit, this book provides detailed knowledge of systems science, expanding upon essential systemic design texts in order to demonstrate the power of visual sensemaking. No matter if you’re a design professional or have never come across design systems, these pages allow the user to reassess, reorientate, and address complex issues. By using these methods, you’ll be able to visualize socio-technical systems, democratizing engagement as you simplify complex thought processes. Formed by leaders of and pioneers in systemic design, Dr. Peter Jones and Kristel Van Ael, Design Journeys through Complex Systems is an illuminating text that ushers in a new era of systems change. If you’re a change-maker looking to become a thought leader, the methods embedded in systemic design will light your way to success.


The book introduces the Constructionist Research Design Process as a framework for research that is creative, transformative and innovative. It can be used by any professional and researcher who wants to develop creative inquiry and to promote social change. It integrates the theory of social construction with the tools of design thinking, challenging the concept of dualisms in research such as quantitative/qualitative and subjective/objective. The focus is on the complex relational achievement required to construct a worldview where different relational (research) processes construct different realities (knowledge). In this sense, all truths are contextual truths, co-created in a specific time and useful to a specific context.


Sheila McNamee, PhD is Professor Emerita of Communication at the University of New Hampshire (USA) and co-founder and VP of the Taos Institute. Celiane Camargo-Borges, PhD is a lecturer, researcher and practitioner. She is faculty at Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and visiting professor at several universities around the world.


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