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The European Parliament 2024

Engels | 04-06-2024 | 516 pagina's


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This fully revised 2024 tenth edition of the leading textbook on the European Parliament systematically and clearly covers every aspect of how the Parliament is elected, its internal structures and procedures, its powers and how it relates to the other EU institutions. It is an essential guide for all those working in or with the Parliament, those hoping to work at the Parliament, students of the EU institutions, and political practitioners. “a quintessential guide to the world’s only elected transnational parliament … an indispensable tool for the understanding of the institution, its history, rules and politics”, Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament “a seminal work on one of the EU's leading institutions … a window into the history, power structures, and evolving politics within the European Parliament”, Charles Michel, President of the European Council Contents include: 1. The Parliament in context 2. How it is elected 3. Where, when and in quale lingua 4. The individual members 5. The Political Groups 6. Leadership structures 7. The parliamentary committees 8. Interparliamentary delegations 9. Plenary 10. Intergroups and informal groupings of members 11. The Parliament secretariat 12. Legislative powers 13. Budgetary powers 14. Appointment and dismissal 15. Scrutiny and control of the executive 16. Parliament as a forum and its engagement with citizens 17. The EP and national parliaments 18. Parliament and constitutional change With 74 tables and figures and full index.


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