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Better Things

Engels | 14-03-2024 | 240 pagina's


Paperback / softback

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How often have you seen a label on a product proclaiming it to be made from 'recycled material', 'bioplastic' or similar, without it giving any details of the concrete environmental benefits? What do these terms really mean? A drive for greater transparency and demonstrable environmental benefits is happening in product design, through emerging legislation and standards, and consumer demand for more sustainable products and unambiguous marketing. In Better Things: Materials for Sustainable Product Design, Daniel Liden seeks to tackle the lazy 'greenwashing' terminology we see every day, providing a guide for product designers, manufacturers and consumers wishing to make better and more informed decisions about materials. The book comprises six chapters devoted to material categories - plastics, textiles, metals, ceramics and glass, wood and paper - and a seventh chapter covering emerging sustainable technologies. Each chapter includes interviews with industry experts, as well as photos, diagrams, environmental impact data, general material properties and more.


ISBN :9781529419689
Uitgever :BIS Publishers BV
Publicatiedatum :  14-03-2024
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
Taal :Engels
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Aantal pagina's :240