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The Details

Engels | 18-01-2024 | 176 Bekijk inkijkexemplaar


Paperback / softback

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An intoxicating international bestseller about a woman in the throes of a fever remembering the important people in her past, the memories laid bare in vivid detail as her body temperature races - for fans of Rachel Cusk and Lucia Berlin. THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL BOOKER PRIZE 2024 WINNER OF THE AUGUST PRIZE 2022 (BEST FICTION) '[A] miraculous sort of novel' Hernan Diaz, author of TRUST 'I wish I could write like this' Fredrik Backman, author of A MAN CALLED OVE 'Mesmerizing and hot to the touch' Catherine Lacey, THE NEW YORK TIMES 'Textured insights into human nature' NEW YORKER 'Wistfully recalls a time when what was lost stayed lost' THE TIMES A famous broadcaster writes a forgotten love letter; a friend abruptly disappears; a lover leaves something unexpected behind; a traumatised woman is consumed by her own anxiety. In the throes of a high fever, a woman lies bedridden. Suddenly, she is struck with an urge to revisit a particular novel from her past. Inside the book is an inscription: a message from an ex-girlfriend. Pages from her past begin to flip, full of things she cannot forget and people who cannot be forgotten. Johanna, that same ex-girlfriend, now a famous TV host. Niki, the friend who disappeared all those years ago. Alejandro, who appears like a storm in precisely the right moment. And Birgitte, whose elusive qualities shield a painful secret. Who is the real subject of a portrait, the person being painted or the one holding the brush? The Details is a novel built around four such portraits, unveiling the fragments of memory and experience that make up a life. In exhilarating, provocative prose, Ia Genberg reveals an intimate and powerful celebration of what it means to be human.


EAN :9781035400584
Uitgever :Veltman Distributie Import Books
Vertaler : Josefsson, Kira
Publicatie datum :  18-01-2024
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
common.Language :Engels
Hoogte :200 mm
Breedte :130 mm
Dikte :10 mm
Gewicht :130 gr
Status :Op voorraad bij leverancier
Aantal pagina's :176