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The Persian Wars, Volume I

Books 1-2

Engels | 01-01-1920 | 528 pagina's

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Korte beschrijving/Annotatie

After personal inquiry and study of hearsay and other evidence, Herodotus (born ca. 484 BC) gives us in his famous history of warfare between the Greeks and the Persians a not uncritical estimate of the best that he could find.


    ISBN :9780674991309
    Uitgever :Harvard University Press
    Vertaler : A. D. Godley
    Publicatiedatum :  01-01-1920
    Uitvoering :Diversen
    Taal :Engels
    Hoogte :168 mm
    Breedte :113 mm
    Dikte :24 mm
    Gewicht :370 gr
    Status :Op voorraad bij leverancier
    Aantal pagina's :528
    Reeks :  The Loeb Classical Library