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Small Worlds

Engels | 09-05-2023 | 240 pagina's

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An exhilarating and expansive new novel about fathers and sons, faith and friendship from Caleb Azumah Nelson, the no.1 bestselling, award-winning author of Open Water - available for pre-order now 'Beautiful, unforgettable and all-consuming' CANDICE CARTY-WILLIAMS, bestselling author of QUEENIE and PEOPLE PERSON The one thing that can solve Stephen's problems is dancing. Dancing at Church, with his parents and brother, the shimmer of Black hands raised in praise; he might have lost his faith, but he does believe in rhythm. Dancing with his friends, somewhere in a basement with the drums about to drop, while the DJ spins garage cuts. Dancing with his band, making music which speaks not just to the hardships of their lives, but the joys too. Dancing with his best friend Adeline, two-stepping around the living room, crooning and grooving, so close their heads might touch. Dancing alone, at home, to his father's records, uncovering parts of a man he has never truly known. Stephen has only ever known himself in song. But what becomes of him when the music fades? When his father begins to speak of shame and sacrifice, when his home is no longer his own? How will he find space for himself: a place where he can feel beautiful, a place he might feel free? Set over the course of three summers in Stephen's life, from London to Ghana and back again, Small Worlds is an exhilarating and expansive novel about the worlds we build for ourselves, the worlds we live, dance and love within. 'The rhythms of Small Worlds are a feature of Azumah Nelson's quiet, particular ear and of a profound engagement with music. Nelson writes about closeness, with family, with lovers, with art, as careful, essential labour' RAVEN LEILANI, award-winning author of LUSTER 'A beautiful novel' YOMI SODE, author of MANORISM


    ISBN :9780241574348
    Uitgever :Veltman Distributie Import Books
    Publicatiedatum :  09-05-2023
    Uitvoering :Hardback
    Taal :Engels
    Hoogte :260 mm
    Breedte :138 mm
    Dikte :25 mm
    Gewicht :320 gr
    Status :Op voorraad bij leverancier
    Aantal pagina's :240