Roads of Arabia


'Roads of Arabia' presents spectacular artefacts from prehistory and early history, as well as from ancient Saudi Arabia: finds of earliest bifaces, 6000 year-old anthropomorphic stela, monumental egyptianized colossal statues, enchanting works in glass and metal dating from Roman antiquity, as well as objects from the ceramic revolution that took place in the Islamic early period. This book provides a unique cultural historical panorama of the Arabian Peninsula. Impressive witnesses of the pre and early history as well as the ancient history of Saudi Arabia: the first hand axes, 6000 year old anthropomorphic stele, monumental Egyptian giant statues, enchanting glass and metal works of Roman antiquity as well as objects of the ceramic revolution from the early history of Islam. Spectacular objects from the Kaaba and the city history of Mecca can be seen, too. The cultural exchange which took place over millennia along the routes of trade and pilgrimage recurs as a theme in this catalogue. The location of the Arabian peninsula between the great cultures (among others the Mesopotamian and Egyptian) with a clear reference to Roman antiquity as well as the emphasis of trade as the conveyor belt of this exchange – not just along the Incense Route and the Hajj pilgrim routes – are important for the current over simplification in the discussion about cultural regions: cultures overlap, and do not have clear boundaries.

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