Dear miss Del Rey

Auteur Michael Willems
This is not a book about Lana Del Rey; it's a book about people. 50 young people from 29 countries stepped out of their virtual Twitter world and wrote their letter to Lana, composed poems, made drawings. Even a novel was the result of a creative process, not to speak about a brand new song. And more talent was developed, as both covers for the book, as well as a logo for the RIDE FOUNDATION was created by 3 amazing young people. People who got inspired by Lana Del Rey, but also felt they are saved by her - sometimes literally. It's an emotional experience to read the ´Message to the World´ from a girl in Egypt. Also there is a lot of fun in this beyond-amazing book, especially when you read that One Sentence coming from Italy, or that breathtaking dream-come-true story from Hungary. 'Dear Miss Del Rey' is a must-have for all Lana-fans and all young and not-so-young-anymore people who still believe that small initiatives can make a big difference in the end. Because there is more! A RIDE FOUNDATION was established to make sure all profits of the selling of this book will be donated to 10 projects, schools where young people inspired by Lana Del Rey develop their talents on music, dance, writing, drawing, painting; expressing! In Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Spain, New Zealand, UK and USA there are now 'Ambassadors for the RIDE FOUNDATION' working on a voluntary base. They selected a project and make sure the project will be known and this book will be bought. An amazing thing, as the Ambassadors are also contributors to the book; young and creative. Next year we might together set for another book - check and for that. Personally I feel privileged and humble for being able to work with so many wonderful people throughout the world and I just think I will not live long enough to thank them all. Michael Willems lives in the Netherlands and is a creative project manager in real life.
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