Counting Black Stars

Auteur Sam Gielen
254 Pagina's
When Keaton, raised in a poor family, meets the French and charming Chloë in his last month of High School, he finds himself enjoying life again despite his terrible family conditions and the loss of his suicidal girlfriend. However, his friendship with Chloë brings him into a quandary and he is forced to run away from home. Dragging Chloë along the road, Keaton befriends the mysterious Jake, who lives on a boat and claims to be a famous painter, on his way collecting his paintings from galleries. But Keaton and Chloë soon discover the wider world to be a lot more dangerous when Jake's true motives are revealed. This is the story of two runaway young adults, looking for the ultimate freedom in a world where danger lurks around the corner, and the embittered policeman trying to find them.
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