Staats- und Galawagen der Wittelsbacher (Vol. 1)

The Nymphenburg Castle Marstallmuseum is, with the State Carriage Museums in Lisbon and Vienna, one of the largest internationally known collections of historic state and ceremonial carriages. The two volumes of the present work, written in close collaboration with the Bavarian Administration of State Castles, Gardens and Lakes, represent the first complete survey of the Munich state carriages. The 34 carriages, two sedan chairs and nine sleighs in the collection are of consummate design and workmanship. The Marstall exhibits range from the Louis XIV period represented by the work of the first Paris coach builder to work by the Strasbourg master coach builder Johann Christian Ginzrot, culminating in a brilliant achievement: the coaches and sleighs made for the Bavarian “fairy-tale monarch”, Ludwig II, which were entirely gilt and lavishly tricked out with exquisite embroidery and furs. In Vol. 1 (plates) the carriages are succinctly and clearly presented in both sumptuous full views and detail photos.
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