capacity management

Auteur Adam Grummit
Capacity Management is described in most key ITSM frameworks: ITIL, ISO 20000 Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and the Application Service Library (ASL) all note the importance of Capacity Management. This major title meets the need for an in-depth practical guide to this critical process. Written and reviewed by some of the worlds most respected experts in this field it shows how Capacity Management best practice can support provision of a consistent, acceptable service level at a known and controlled cost. Practical advice covers the essential control of two balances: Supply versus demand and resources versus cost. In times of mean, frugal economic measures, it is essential to focus on those practices that are effective and yield practical results. In enlightened times of sustainability, it is also a requirement to find solutions that satisfy the criteria for 'greenness'. This excellent title shows how Capacity Management works not only within an IT environment but also why it is pivotal in meeting high profile business demands. Aligns with ISO/IEC 20000 and ITIL® ­ ISO/IEC lists a set of required capacity management deliverables ­ ITIL outlines what should be done in capacity management ­ this book starts to describe how to do it Covers details of what capacity management is all about: ­ what is capacity management ­ why do it benefits and cost-benefit analysis ­ how to do it data-flows and activities ­ who does it roles and perspectives ­ implementation, maintenance, improvement, tools Provides comprehensive templates and checklists: ­ objectives, interfaces and data-flows, sub-practices and activities ­ metrics, application sizing parameters, data for modelling ­ deliverables, reports, CMMI levels, KPIs, risk matrix ­ sample capacity plan
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