Me, my selves and I

Auteur Karin Brugman
Discovering other sides of yourself with Voice Dialogue In Me, My Selves and I, the authors invite you to look at yourself in a different light and to consider yourself as a person composed of not one, but of an entire collection of selves. You have different sides, parts or subpersonalities which all see the world with different sets of eyes. They each have their own habits, feelings and thoughts. This is a fun and enlightening way of looking at yourself and it offers a number of advantages. It will provide you with an understanding of how your behavior works and why it is sometimes ineffective. You will also learn how you can turn your behavior around. It will also become clear to you why some people immediately attract you and others do not. This book was written for anyone who wants to know themselves better and for professionals who want to become acquainted with Voice Dialogue. 'Karin, Judith and Berry are a great team! They have written a practical, delightfully easy to understand, and very valuable book on Voice Dialogue.' Hal and Sidra Stone, founders of Voice Dialogue, Voice Dialogue International, California 'An excellent clear and concise yet remarkably complete presentation of the Voice Dialogue work.' Robert Stamboliev, director Voice Dialogue World, the Netherlands 'This well-written book kept me engaged from start to finish. It is alive with vivid examples of how different inner selves can emerge and enhance our personal and professional lives.' Mary Disharoon, licensed psychotherapist and director Voice Dialogue California
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