Joseph Beuys – Cynthia

Joseph Beuys (1921–1986) supplemented his large stack of drawings The secret block for a secret person in Ireland with the drawing series to Cynthia. Up to now the name Cynthia has appeared in four works, among others, in the sculptural picture Cynthia und Schildkröte, 1962, and in the work Cynthia’s Cloak, 1984. Starting with the question of ancient reception, Heribert Schulz pursues traces of Cynthia, takes the reader into the “realm of marine animals”, of the asidian-Cynthia, which Beuys has placed in clearly recognizable position on several sheets of the Secret block. Schulz convincingly ­describes how Beuys’ thinking is oriented towards the “sensual, artistic metamorphosis between nature and man”.
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