Diane Ducruet – Family Games

"...Conventions immunise us against poetry… Diane therefore took her time, to ensure that her photographs never lie around on mantelpieces or bedside tables. In them we find neither dates nor birthdays. We see father and mother as their cats see them, very close up and rather obscene, unfettered from stories and bound in their bodies. Here the wrinkles have become entangled. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” the photographer might be saying, from her filial standpoint. Is she aware how wrinkled she was in the first moment of life? If love can be presented, let’s avoid the ox and the ass, let’s hang the holy family in the cloakroom, hook it up on the cross of fate. The photographs here no longer have anything to do with civil status or social structure. Mum and Dad are no longer disguised as human beings..." (Milou) "Family games" rassemble des travaux produits sur une dizaine d'année; En se défiant de la "stratégie du bonheur" mise en scène dans le classique album de famille, l'ouvrage se fait l'écho d'une généalogie familiale qui répond à celle des différents systèmes de représentation (dessins, photographie, peinture, sculpture, danse, écriture...). Un album des familles...
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